Maple Lane Farm Jennets

Maple Lane Dynasty

Maple Lane DynastyAll Images Are Clickable


Look at this beauty that we raised right here at Maple Lane Farm.

Only 30" and with the build we are striving for.

Sire: Wee Friends Farm Dicaprio
Dam: LKL Dixie

Heiken's Ark Catrina D

Heiken's Ark Catrina DAll Images Are Clickable


We wanted to add a bred Jenny and Nissens sold us this little Jenny.

Sire: Carousel LL Little Dipper
Dam: NLC Charlotte

Bustin Ass Farm Red Lace

Bustin Ass Farm Red LaceAll Images Are Clickable


We had our eye on Red Lace from the moment she was born and when the opportunity came available to purhase her, we couldn't pass it up. She is 30 3/4" and has excellent confirmation. Her pedigree includes: MGF Red Jet/Happytime Acres Firecracker Red/ and Carousel LL Inspector Clouseau to name just a few.

Sire: D & F Farm's Duke of Earl
Dam: Braying Hill's Roxie

Clay Hill Sara

Clay Hill SaraAll Images Are Clickable


Take one look at this spotted beauty and it is easy to see the amazing confirmation. Sara is 4 years old and has a full pedigree including Top Gun/Rainbows Blizzard/45 Magnum, etc.

Sire: Heiken's Ark Shannon
Dam: Rearview's Daisy Mae

LKL Dixie

Clay Hill SaraAll Images Are Clickable


We were fortunate to be able to add this amazing jennet to our herd. Dixie is perfect in every way.

Sire: LKL Petey
Dam: LKL Tina